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When Martin Cook purchased Cook & Cook Financial Services in January 2011, he was able to draw on the wealth of experience his father John had gained, working for over 25 years in the industry and developing this business, previously known as Garvan Financial Planning.

As a family owned business, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive financial planning service by understanding what is important to each client and always putting their individual needs first.

We’ll work with you to understand what really matters to you and create a tailored plan that helps you grow, manage and protect your wealth.

We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients; we take the time to clarify what's important to you and to understand your situation and values.

We want to work with you over the long-term to create a plan that works for you now and into the future.

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Getting the right advice

Cook & Cook Financial Services believes in the difference advice can make to our clients whatever stage of life they are at. Getting the right advice from our expert team means you can be confident you are on track to achieving your goals and aspirations.

As a family owned business for over 20 years, we seek to build lasting relationships with our clients; we take the time to clarify what's important to you and to understand your situation and values. We want to work with you over the long-term to create a plan that works for you now and into the future.

Our financial planning process is structured to make seeking advice collaborative, simple and transparent.

Here's how we work together:

1. Initial consultation
The first appointment is about getting to know each other and will be free of charge.
Come with your financial goals and details of your income, superannuation, debts, assets, and insurances so we can work out how we can help you.
If you decide to proceed to the next stage, we will discuss all fees and charges with you at this point. We will not charge you until you are happy with the advice given AND happy with fees negotiated.

2. Strategy recommendations
We will present and explain our recommendations to you in a written document known as a Statement of Advice. This forms the basis of your financial plan.
We will arrange an appointment with you to take you step by step through the plan, answer any questions you have, and make any modifications you require.
We will also fully disclose any associations we have with financial product issuers or other parties, and any advice fees and commissions.
If we recommend a specific financial product, we’ll provide a Product Disclosure Statement so that you can make an informed decision.

3. Implementation
Once you give the go-ahead, together we will help you implement your chosen strategies.
This may involve setting up investment or insurance products or us liaising with other professionals like your bank, accountant, or solicitor where necessary.

4. Regular review
Your financial plan should not be a set and forget solution, but should be a living document that adapts to change.
It is important you seek regular checks and let us know if your circumstances change. We recommend an annual review to ensure your plan continues to meet your needs.

Personal Insurance

The common belief that “it won’t happen to me” often means you have a plan to support your family, pay off your home loans and build wealth for retirement BUT most of us do not have an adequate plan to protect the very thing that generates the wealth—themselves!

Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection (also accident & sickness) and Trauma/Critical Illness cover can protect you and your family.

Cook & Cook Financial Services can help you answer the following questions?

  • ►  Do you have enough personal insurances in place?
  • ►  How would your family survive without your income?
  • ►  Can you claim a tax deduction on your premium? Link
  • ►  Can you use your superannuation fund to pay for your insurance premium?
  • ►  What features of insurance are important to you?
  • ►  Does your insurer have a good claims history?
  • ►  Does your insurer have a solid credit rating?
  • ►  What are you actually covered for?
Underinsurance is a huge problem in Australia. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC): “60 percent of families with dependants don’t have sufficient life insurance to financially care for their family for any more than 12 months should the main breadwinning parent die.”

Unfortunately the automatic insurance offerings of most super funds aren’t adequate.

How would you and your family survive if a major illness like cancer or heart attack or a major accident causing injury were to strike?

For more information how personal insurance will protect you and your family or if self employed, your business, click on the appropriate link below:

Investment & Super

Hard working and successful people are so busy with their work and other commitments that they neglect to focus on their own financial needs.

Cook & Cook Financial Services can work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive financial strategy, assisting you to maintain - and grow - your wealth.

Areas of advice can include:
 ►              Boosting Superannuation
 ►              Retirement Strategies
 ►              Tax minimisation
 ►              Investment Opportunities and Funds
 ►              Gearing
 ►              Debt management
 ►              Cash flow management               

It’s very worrying that 50% of Australians are concerned they don’t have enough money to retire on.

Take control of your wealth today to ensure you're not left short!

An ideal retirement should be the best years of your life. Free from full time work and the debt of your younger years, you should have many lifestyle options available to you.

Despite having the good times to look forward to, readying yourself for retirement can be stressful and beset with uncertainty.

Whether you’re fully funding your own retirement or relying on a part age pension, your biggest concern is will I have enough?

There are many options available to retirees that will help ensure a regular income and make your money last by reducing the tax you pay, providing investment returns in line with your risk profile and maximise your Centrelink / Age Pension entitlements if you qualify.

Please contact Cook & Cook Financial Services today for a free ‘retirement health check’ of your financial situation!
Phone: 02 6884 2355
Fax: 02 6884 2443
Mobile: 0414 393 703

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